RS/Fralin Big Block Humbucker Set

Regular price $ 305.00

These pickups are made to order, and may take 6-9 weeks for delivery.

This is the newest pickup from Lindy Fralin made to RS's specs for the ultimate high output pickup. They are unbalanced coils and made from the same quality parts found in our True 60's, except they have 4-conductor wire for coil-tapping and phase reversal. The bridge pickup reads 14.4k and the neck pickup reads 12k with ALNICO IV magnets and plain enamel wire. This is the Raw Nickel Cover set. The Big Block has great balanced tone with a very percussive attack so it's not harsh but still screams. Want to add some muscle to your guitar....drop in a Big Block!! Also available aged, or in zebra, nickel covers, or gold covers.

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