Work Order and Shipping Information

Thanks for choosing RS Guitarworks for your guitar service and refinishing needs! Before sending your guitar to us to begin its upgrade or repair, we require that a work order form be filled out by each customer to ensure that both parties are aware of the project expectations and payment process. Below you will find both the work order form in the Adobe PDF (.pdf) file formats. To view this, you may need Adobe Acrobat Reader or Pro. 

RS Work Order Form (PDF) 


RS Work Order Submission Process

1. Contact RS Guitarworks for a Specific Job Quote.

2. Complete a Work Order.

Complete a work order, making sure to include price quote and contact information. Please make sure to include photos for exact color or aging desired, or these will be at the discretion of RS Guitarworks.

3. Pack Your Guitar.

Pack your guitar, making sure it is detuned and well packed inside the case. Remove switch tip from toggle or it will be broken in shipping. Do NOT use bubble wrap for lacquer finishes.

4. Print a Copy.

Print a copy of the work order above and include it with the guitar, along with a 50% down payment or instructions on payment.

5. Call RS Guitarworks when the guitar is ready to ship @ 859.737.5300