Psychebilly Blues Humbucker Set

Regular price $ 430.00

These pickups are copies of the real PAF's in Greg Martin's 1958 Les Paul®. His guitar and it's pickups are nothing short of amazing. Our copies are wound by Lindy Fralin and are exact down to the magnetic strength; the Psychebilly's are un-potted, and have Alnico II magnets. They are the best low-power "PAF" on the market. The Bridge pickup reads 7.7K, the Neck pickup reads 7.8K. Like Greg says, "While my PAF's may not be the loudest, they'll knock down any outhouse in a mile radius!" These pickups are the only way to go if you want that Pure Kentucky Tone.

The lead-time for the Psychebilly's are 6-9 weeks. If you are ordering with other items, be aware that the pickups may ship separately.

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