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Slab Lowboy Tested by Guitar Player Magazine!

The July 2024 issue of Guitar Player Magazine features a brilliant review of the new RS Guitarworks Slab Lowboy! Calling it "A clever, well-built take on the hot-rodded Tele, with a bundle of toothsome tones and its own muscular personality" the review delved deep into the genesis and features of our latest additions to our guitar lineup.

Immerse yourself in the remarkable tones and captivating personality of the RS Guitarworks Slab Lowboy - and join the ranks of satisfied customers and the vibrant player community by experiencing the latest in RS Guitarworks design and value today!

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Over 20 years of hand building guitars and basses to your exacting specifications, right here in Winchester, KY USA.

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Aging and Refinishing

Maybe it's as simple as refinishing your guitar or bass to your favorite color, adding a pickup, or aging an existing guitar. RS Guitarworks pioneered the aged/'relic' finish, restoring vintage guitars from the 40's, 50's & 60's.

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RS Guitarworks, in our endless pursuit of innovation and the very best in tone - is pleased to announce our all-new series of in-house developed pickups! With models designed for every player, and every sound - we're sure you'll find a set that works for you.

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Repair + Restoration

We have rescued and repaired thousands of lost causes, basket cases, flood damages, and amateur modifications.

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