The Shredder

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This is an RS take on a high output humbucker set. This set has unbalanced coils, and are potted for no squeal or unwanted feedback. The unbalanced coils are great for coil-splitting! The Shredder’s feature Alnico II magnets for a thicker, fuller midrange tone and rounder smoother highs. 12 adjustable pole pieces to tweak to your heart's content. This set rocks hard in ash or maple bodied guitars, or any guitar you think is too bright. This set sings! Includes mounting screws and springs. These pickups are sold individually, and as a set.

Bridge DC: 11K
Neck DC: 8.7K

Available in Black and Zebra.

We highly recommend the RS Vintage Upgrade Kit; you can view the short-shaft and long-shaft versions for Les Paul, SG, and 335 below: