RS Guitarworks Pickups

RS Guitarworks, in our endless pursuit of innovation and the very best in tone - is pleased to announce our all-new series of in-house developed pickups! Learn more about our entire line and view the pickups from the links below!


NashVegas for Tele™ Set

The NashVegas Tele™ set is designed to give you all the classic Tele tones in the bridge position with a ’54 Blackguard wind using Alnico III magnets. This gives you all the classic twang you expect from the bridge pickup, but can still cover all the classic Rock tones a Tele™ is known for. The neck pickup is our custom S wind that gives you the tones and clarity of a vintage Strat™ pickup in place of the stock Tele™ neck sound that can be too muddy. In the middle  position, you still get the vintage tones the Tele™ is known for.

  • Bridge output 6.2K
  • Neck Output 5.5K

NashVegas Wiring Diagram

Kentucky Hot Brown Tele™ Set

The Kentucky Hot Brown Tele™ set is built for a fuller, warmer Tele™ tone than the traditional set, so they sound great for Rock and Blues. The bridge pickup is based on an early lap steel wind, but uses Alnico II magnets for a rounder, softer tone. The neck pickup is our Fat S wind that gives you more of a fat Strat™ neck pickup for a bluesy tone. The middle position is killer too!

  • Bridge output 7.8K
  • Neck output 5.8K

Hot Brown Wiring Diagram 

Kentucky Tone Daddy Strat™ Set

This set is designed to be pure classic Strat™. The bridge pickup has a ’56 wind, the middle pickup is a ’59 wind, and the neck is a ’64 wind, but the Kentucky twist comes when you use all staggered Alnico III magnets! This set covers a lot of ground in classic Strat™ tones. The middle pickup is reverse wind/reverse polarity for no noise is positions 2 and 4.

  • Bridge Output 6K
  • Middle Output 5.9K
  • Neck Output 5.7K

Tone Daddy Wiring Diagram

Kentucky Burst Set

This is an RS twist on the classic Patent Applied For tones. The bridge pickup features unbalanced and unpotted coils, with Alnico II magnets. It’s medium output, so it’s got the full tone you want with a good dose of single coil sting. The neck pickup also has unbalanced and unpotted coils, and has a low wind for a clearer neck tone.

  • Bridge Output is 7.7K
  • Neck Output is 7.1K

Kentucky Burst Wiring Diagram

Shredder Set

This is an RS take on a high output humbucker set. This set has unbalanced coils, and are potted for no squeal or unwanted feedback. The unbalanced coils are great for coil-splitting! The Shredder’s feature Alnico II magnets for a thicker, fuller midrange tone and rounder smoother highs. This set rocks hard in ash or maple bodied guitars, or any guitar you think is too bright. This set sings!

  • Bridge Output is 11K
  • Neck Output is 8.7K

Shredder Wiring Diagram (Old-style, coil-split) 
Shredder Wiring Diagram (New-style, series-parallel)


Shredder V Set

This is the Alnico V version of our high output Shredder set. They feature the same unbalanced coils and are potted for no unwanted feedback, but feature Alnico V magnets for a tighter bass and more cutting highs. Just like the Shredder, the unbalanced coils have great coil-splitting possibilities. This is a killer set for your PRS or LP if you want classic hard rock or metal tones!

  • Bridge Output 11K
  • Neck Output 8.7K

Shredder V Wiring Diagram (Old-style, coil-split) 
Shredder V Wiring Diagram (New-style, series-parallel) 

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