RS Upgrade Kit Review

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Just wanted to pass on how thrilled I am with this kit.

I have a 99 Cherry Burst LP Standard.  I’ve owned it since 2000.  I always wondered why I couldn’t get it to sound like other Les Pauls. 

I have been through so many amps and pedals searching for the sound in my head, to no avail. 

I was about to switch pickups when I came across the “50’s wiring” discussions on the forums.  I figured I had nothing to lose.

I installed the kit last week and lo and behold there was the tone I had been searching for.  Unbelievable!  I only wish I had done this years ago. 

I saw Warner Hodges playing with Drivin N Cryin this weekend and noticed he used the middle switch position a lot and his tone was absolutely killer.  I literally have NEVER used that position on my guitar.  I couldn’t get it to sound right because it wouldn’t blend properly.  I just finished playing for an hour in the middle position.  Those pots really let you dial in your tone and I had to let you know.

I am so happy.  It’s like I just got a new guitar.  I can’t imagine any Les Paul sounding as good as mine does now.

Thanks so much.

Gene McFalls

Warner Robins, GA


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