Aging and Refinishing

Thousands of artists, players, and collectors around the world are raving about the RS Aging and Refinishing Service. We specialize in giving you the exact color, look, or even FEEL that you want out of any guitar you have. We specialize in making your new guitar look like a REAL vintage instrument!

RS uses a custom blended Nitrocellulose lacquer that really looks and feels like a vintage lacquer finish. This lacquer features very low plasticizer so you get no more sticky finish and it will naturally age very easily. We also use only vintage style aniline tints on all our sunbursts and transparent finishes to give an amazing vintage look that modern tints just can’t offer.

These are just a few reasons why you should choose RS Guitarworks for all of your new and aged finish needs.

We offer four distinct levels of finishing: Mint, Under the Bed, Played but Loved, and Road Warrior.

MINT: Looks like a new guitar with no aging, no yellowed lacquer, and no checking or wear. BETTER than a factory finish. We use genuine nitrocellulose laquer. Our finishes are second to none!

UNDER THE BED: Gives the look and feel of a guitar that has been stashed away for the last 30 years. The finish is slightly dulled and has some checking but shows little wear.

PLAYED BUT LOVED: This looks like a guitar that has been played, but has been taken care of. It has a dulled and checked finish, some scratches and dings, and the fingerboard edges have been slightly rolled.

ROAD WARRIOR: This is for people who want their guitar to look like it’s been played to death! Dulled finish, finish checking, scratches, dents, chips, belt wear, arm wear, and pick wear round out the details. The neck will be heavily rolled, and forearm binding (if applicable) will also be heavily rolled.