CTS 250K Audio Taper Potentiometer - Solid Shaft

Regular price $ 6.95

Premium CTS 250k audio-taper potentiometer, Solid shaft. While not metered, these pots come with extremely tight tolerances (+/- 10%). These pots feature brass shafts and mil-spec construction.

The short-shaft pots have a shaft-length of 3/8”-inch.

Please Note: All guitars manufactured in Japan, China, Indonesia and Mexico use metric pots (6mm), and have metric sized holes drilled for the pots. All pots sold by RS Guitarworks use standard pots and hole diameters (3/8"). Therefore, holes in the guitar, plates and/or pickguards will need to be enlarged to 3/8" to fit properly. Also, metric knobs will not fit the RS pot shafts; most popular knobs are available on the store in new and aged versions.

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